Match Report: Harlequins U17 vs North Harbour U18

Harlequins U17
North Harbour U18
Saturday 22nd September 2012, 2.30pm Kickoff
Result: Harlequins U17: 22
North Harbour U18: 11
Brief summary of first half:

Ihaka Mita, Hayden Bell, Reginald Matekohi, Angus Seddon(C),Benjamin Greene , Atunaisa Katoa, Drew Booten ,John-Boi Nonoa, Conner Fullerton, Tipene Toi-Anscombe, Dylan Samson , Denzil Southy Wilson, Satoshi Filitonga, Isaiah Cooper , Brigham Parai.
Marinus Du Preez, Piahana Astle-Harris, Matthew Staijen, Jarrod Gwynne, Liam Robinson , Brandon Baillie , Justus Riki-Hamana ,

This week the Harlequins travelled to the Silverdale Rugby Club in North Harbour to face off against the North Harbour U18. The Harlequins team knew that they had to win and get a bonus point to have any chance of winning the Northern Region under 18B competition. Auckland would also have to lose to the Northland Vikings to make this happen.
The Harlequins side ran out to some fine weather once again however there were plenty of strong winds that blew straight down the middle of the park. North Harbour kicking off and straight away both teams battled hard for the ball with a scrappy first 10 minutes. Harbour worked their way into the Harlequins half and before long were awarded a penalty straight out in front, they managed to put it between the posts for a three nil lead. The Harlequins then began to string together a few attacking sequences but this was not to last long as Harbour managed to turn the ball over and made their way back up field. From some sloppy Harlequins play Harbour were awarded another penalty and they kicked themselves to a six nil lead. North Harbour seemed to have the better of the Harlequins, as they looked after the ball well into the wind keeping it tight around the ruck, using some of the big boys up front to do the grunt work. When they sent it wide they ran straight and hard using good clean lines to find plenty of holes in the Harlequins defence. This had the Harlequin boys on the back foot and when Harbour went wide again from broken play they managed to cross the Harlequins line in the 28th minute for a try. The Harlequin boys looked shocked as they struggled to find answers to this North Harbour pack. The Harbour backs were also carving up all over the field and again the Harlequins didn’t seem to have many answers. Lucky the Harlequins held on to go into then break only 11-0 down.

Halftime Score: 11 - 0 to North Harbour U18
Brief summary of second half:

Head coach Deon Muir and assistant coach John Carrington had seen enough and made changes at half time before giving the boys a fluent lesson in some chooooooice words. This must have worked and been what the boys needed because three minutes into the second half after a great take from the kick off and some wonderful ball handling skills, Matty Staijen who started the movement crossed for the first points of the second half. Up stepped first 5/8 Tipene Toi-Anscombe and nailed the conversion. The pressure was on and the North Harbour boys were going backwards as the Harlequin boys took control. Again attack after attack opened the Harbour side up and Satoshi Filitonga took advantage smashing his way over for a great try in the ninth minute. Tipene missed the conversion but the Harlequins were now ahead 12 points 11. Through-out this 2012 season the Harlequins lock pairing of Angus Seddon and Benjamin Greene has been outstanding and again in the second half they showed the way taking some wonderful ball of the top feeding livewire halfback Liam Robinson who seems to be able to find gaps that aren’t even there. After sliding though a few tackles he fed Denzil Southy-Wilson who used his power again in midfield making plenty of meters over the advantage line. The Harlequin forward pack now had the throttle hard down and smashed into the ruck, the ball came back to Drew Bootten who had moved to 6 at half time and was a physical force all game making massive gains and running up some very good meters before putting his head down and worked his magic to cross for a well deserved five pointer. Tipene missed the conversion. From the kick off winger Isaiah Cooper who had been solid all game made a break down the left hand touch line and finished the movement of well with a try. From the kick off the ball was then worked into midfield and Liam took off again, making over 20 meters before feeding Marinus Du Preez who was in support and he got over for the bonus point try. Tipene missed the conversion. The game was then all on for the last five minutes has both team took each other on up front. Into the wind in the second half the Harlequins side knew they would be up against it but the way they came out firing and full of confidence must have been pleased the coaching staff. The rest of the half was dominated by the Harlequins forward pack laying down a strong foundation from their lineout and making inroads into the Harbour half through some strong midfield play. The Harlequins side must be credited for their second half and none more than, birthday boy and Captain Angus Seddon who was influential in the way he kept his team focused after half time.

Fulltime score: 22 - 11 to Harlequins
Try Scorers/Point Scorers: Tries: Satoshi Filitonga (1), Drew Bootten (1), Isaiah Cooper (1), Marinus Du Preez (1) Conversions: Tipene Toi-Anscombe (1)

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