Match Report 2014: Harlequins U17 v King Country U18

Harlequins U17
King Country U18
Saturday 20th September 2014, 12.45pm Kickoff
St Pauls Collegiate Hamilton
Result: Harlequins U17: 53
King Country U18: 0
Brief summary of first half:

Alex Mithell, Lisiate Sole, Maluelue Schamkel, Micah Gillard, Josh Reynolds, Daniel Thornton, Thomas Gordon, Thomas Williams, Sam Warwick, Dominic Clapcott, Jack Foster, Luke Arnold, Asipeli Mafuataimi, Ifalemi Finau, Bryce McMullen.
Ben Brady, Hone Karaka, Liam Fisher, Spencer Jones, Hutana Coffin, Mikaere Manuao-Harawira, Taina Nicholas.

The NZ Harlequins U17 took to the field on their home track this week for game number three of their 2014 season against King Country on a wet and windy day at St Pauls Collegiate in Hamilton.

King Country kicked off getting things underway as the rain came down making things messy as both teams worked their way into the game. With the wind behind their backs the Harlequins made some good line breaks but really no one dominated the first 5 minutes of play. The Harlequins then made a break straight up the middle through Thomas Gordon playing at 7. More pressure was applied and after some solid lead up from the forward pack the Harlequins managed to put Asipeli Mafuataimi playing at centre in a gap and he went over for his first of the day. Dominic Clapcott got the conversion and the Harlequins were up 7 points to nil.

From the kick off the Harlequins went wide bringing Bryce McMullen playing at fullback into the game making a play down the left hand side. The ball was worked back into the forward pack as they made their way up field. Like any good halfback Sam Warwick was on hand and found the line open as he dotted down for try number two 11 minutes into the first half. Dominic got the conversion.

King Country then swung into action testing the Harlequins all over the park. The Harlequins defence has been good all season and was as solid as ever making it hard for King Country to find any gaps. Lisiate Sole starting at hooker for the first time this year managed to get a tight head giving the Harlequins some good clean ball but it was short lived as the Harlequins knocked on.

King Country uses the ball well making a break down the left hand side. Josh Reynolds playing at lock showed why he has made the starting line up each week as he makes a great tackle down the side line driving the King Country winger out.

From the line out King Country knock on. The Harlequins go 8 to 9 from the scrum and then send the ball wide giving Jack Foster a change to show off his pace as he puts on the after burners and goes over in the right hand corner. The kick was missed.

From the kick off Bryce McMullen managed to beat the defence inside and out before carving off 60 metres down the right hand side stepping the winger and going over for his first of the day. Dominic slotted the conversion and the Harlequins went into the break up 26 points to nil.

Halftime Score: 26 - 0 to Harlequins
Brief summary of second half:

With little changes at half time the Harlequins started the second half with even more action; dominating the King Country forward pack. Then after going wide though the backs the Harlequins brought the ball back into the engine room as the forwards took control.

Five minutes later Captain Tom Williams shows his leadership skills moving the boys around the park before going over himself for a great try. The conversion was missed.

The Harlequins managed to dominate the King Country forward pack and after some more outstanding foot work Asipeli Mafuataimi was rewarded again by bursting over for his second of the day. Dominic got the conversion.

King Country were not about to lie down securing the ball from the kick off and spreading it wide testing the Harlequins defence all over the park. But wet weather rugby wasn’t helping them and they couldn’t hold onto the ball. The Harlequins made the most of it going wide from the scrum. Ifalemi Finau had made a few good breaks down his wing and this time managed to put the Harlequin boys within a few meters of the line. Lisiate Sole playing at hooker then scored after crashing over. The conversion was missed.

For the next 15 minutes the Harlequins entertained the crowd with some free flowing rugby in the wet. They were now dominating the game all across the park. Hone Karaka came off the bench this week and made the most of his change with some really skill full play running into a gap before crossing for try number eight for the day. The conversion was missed.

Five minutes later it was only fitting that Asipeli Mafuataimi carved the defence up single handily running in for his third of the day. Spencer was handed the ball but missed the conversion from the side line, ending the game with the Harlequins winning 53 points to nil.

Fulltime score: 53 - 0 to Harlequins
Try Scorers/Point Scorers: Try: Lisiate Sole (1) Asipeli Mafuataimi (3) Bryce McMullen (1) Thomas Williams (1) Sam Warwick (1) Jack Foster (1) Hone Karaka (1) Conversion: Dominic Clapcott (4)

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